Black Diamond Snow Removal to the Rescue!

It was 3:30 am! Our crew showed up, on time, in a good mood, and worked so hard together to accomplish our snow-removing goal! It was our privilege to be allowed to drive on the pedestrian paths in Lionshead so that we could clear out some snow that had not been removed safely, or properly.

We received a frantic phone call from a prominent restaurant in the Vail Village. The roof had been shoveled and cleared from snow, but the rooftop snow removal company had buried the outdoor COVID dining space. The other snow removal company had cleared the rooftop snow but had dumped the snow on their outdoor dining area, blocking the view for inside guests, and not to mention the safety issues due to the amount of snow.

Our team at Black Diamond got in touch with the Town of Vail maintenance department and were told we could remove the snow and ice, but had to do so before pedestrian hours. In order to accomplish this we had to start at 3:30am.

Management at Black Diamond is so grateful for our truly amazing team. We wanted to hug each and every one of our staff to show our gratitude for their commitment and professionalism, but will have to wait until COVID is over, and until then, our words will have to do!