Welcome to Ana & David!

Welcome to our new staff members!

Black Diamond is very happy to announce two new, full-time members to our team, Ana and David.

Ana is a landscaping professional that has over 10 years of experience in the Vail Valley creating and maintaining beautiful gardens, flower beds and landscapes. She is starting with us this winter in order to learn our clients, business practices and infrastructure (like Jobber). She will be working in the office as well as out plowing with us this winter. Her expertise will enhance our team, and the depth of knowledge she will bring to Black Diamond and our staff is unmeasurable. Ana is a horticulturalist and understand design elements necessary within perennial garden beds. Ana’s positive attitude and her amazing eye for detail are the attributes that attracted us to her. These qualities are in alignment with what Black Diamond wants for all its clients. Ana has been working for us part time for 3 years and with the addition of offering employee housing this year we were able to recruit her to work with us full time. She will be taking over the landscaping division next summer from hiring, training and developing her own team, as well as purchasing equipment, small tools and helping with estimates. Ana speaks Spanish and in her new role it is important that she becomes more bilingual. She has agreed to start English For Speakers of Other Languages at CMC with the help of Black Diamonds tuition reimbursement program. Please help us welcome Ana to our team and if you see her in your neighborhood, say hello and introduce yourself.

David is an irrigation specialist that has worked in the Vail Valley for over 30 years. He will be joining us again for the upcoming winter plow season and has decided to stay with us as well come this spring. Irrigation is playfully called “irritation” by those in the field so we welcome his experience and knowledge. David has been working as a plow driver for many years and he is a pro. He has a very strong skill set to deal with even the toughest residential driveways and commercial locations. David also has expert level knowledge of most irrigation systems. His knowledge and hands on experience will be an incredible asset to Black Diamond. David will bring an additional layer of expertise to our crew, but it is his positive energy and his great attitude that we are really look forward to adding to the Black Diamond team.