Black Diamond | Landscaping Services Eagle & Vail

Professional Landscaping Services

Professional landscape services are the easiest way to ensuring your property looks inviting. Black Diamond strives to be your all-in-one lawn landscape professionals. From large debris left behind from storms to keeping your yard well-manicured throughout the year, we’re the best choice for your property landscaping services no matter what your needs may be.

Lawn Care Services

We provide both commercial and residential lawn care which includes mowing, trimming and clean up on a weekly basis. Consistent crews visit your property which allows us to monitor your grounds. We identify issues before they become a problem or an emergency situation. We provide fertilizing and weed control services as well as power thatching and aeration upon request.  Black Diamond is your lawn care specialist.

Irrigation Services

As temperatures allow, Black Diamond will start the irrigation system, check that your sprinkler heads are working properly and we will assess the entire system for leaks.  We also review the water clock and test all of the sprinkler zones. Throughout the summer, we will diagnose and repair any irrigation issues that may arise.

As we care for your lawn, we continuously monitor the health of your lawn.  Our staff is trained to adjust water usage as needed and report any issues they identify.  Our clients will benefit from the local knowledge Black Diamond has in regard to drought conditions, watering schedules and regulations.  These are extremely helpful for our out of town homeowners and local clients.  As the weather starts to cool down and fall is upon us, our staff will start to taper your water usage to an as-needed basis.  When the temperatures drop to winter temperatures, we will do a blow out of your irrigation system and turn off your system for the winter season. Proper winterization of your system protects your irrigation investment and prepares it for a successful startup next spring.

Gardening Services

Black Diamond takes pride in creating beautiful outdoor spaces by using beautiful plants and flowers to enhance the appeal of your home.  If you are looking to create a magical entryway or you want to redo your garden, we can help.  We know that a well-cultivated garden takes more than just seeds and plants, it begins with soil cultivation.  We make sure the soil we are planting in is full of nutrients and will provide the plants or flowers with what they need to flourish.  Plant placement and knowledge of growth patterns is also something we take into consideration.  Some plants need more water while others need more sun.  An assessment of the home will be done before any plants go into the ground to ensure proper sunlight and irrigation.  If irrigation is needed, Black Diamond will prepare a proper quote for the client.  Once the plants or gardens are in place, we will maintain them throughout the season with the following services:

  • Weed Control
  • Irrigation Monitoring
  • Pruning
  • Deadheading
  • Plant Replacement (if needed)

We have our own greenhouse and customize the pots and flowers for each client.  We also guarantee our flowers.  Due to our weekly maintenance program, we usually catch a problem before it affects the flowers.