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Professional Snow Removal Services

Colorado winters are cold, snowy, and always unpredictable. Snow Removal management is paramount for managing your winter property. Black Diamond has provided snow management services in the Vail Valley since 2004. When it comes to snow removal, you want a company that you can count on for prompt, reliable and cost-effective service. We are proud to hire dependable crews, and have high quality snow removal vehicles available for your snow removal needs. We pride ourselves in using the right equipment to clear your roads, driveways, sidewalks, and stairs quickly and efficiently.

Snow Plowing

Black Diamond wins the Best of Avon Award for snow removal services – click here to learn more!

Black Diamond offers both residential and commercial snow plowing services.  Our professional snow management team is here to provide reliable and timely snow removal services.  We plow driveways and parking lots of all sizes.  Our goal is to provide thoughtful and efficient service so we complete our plow services property before you leave for work or open for business.  Our contracts are seasonal and we offer a full six-month season, November 1st through April 30th

Our vehicles are deployed for plowing once we reach the 3” inch rule, and we will plow twice in a 24-hour period.  We plow driveways, parking lots, private roads, and residential and commercial spaces.  We are known for our utilization of Jeeps that allow us to maneuver in tight spaces and we use large vehicles for commercial spaces. 

Snow Hauling

In years when there is heavy snowfall accumulation, snow piles can become overwhelming. We can push back snow further on the property or over edges by relocating it using our Heavy Equipment.  Black Diamond offers extensive snow removal services including plowing and shoveling.  Please request a consultation and Black Diamond will provide you with a bid for services.

Snow Shoveling

We understand the importance and safety reasons related to keeping sidewalks, aprons, deck areas, dumpsters, and stairs clear of snow throughout the winter.  We use a variety of equipment depending on the location and intricacy of the area that needs to be cleared.  Also, our professional snow removal crew has the capability of using power shovels (handheld snowblowers).

Seasonal hand shoveling rates are available in conjunction with a plow contract.

Snow Cameras

Black Diamond places snow cameras in strategic locations in the neighborhood we serve. We do this in order to monitor the amount of snowfall in your neighborhood. These cameras help us to be thoughtful, productive, and efficient when it comes to servicing your home. When the snow is falling, we see it live and we know when you need us. These cameras really set us apart from other plow companies.

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Offering Snow Removal Services in the following locations:

Providing snow removal, snow plowing, snow shoveling services throughout Colorado: Vail | Avon | Eagle-Vail | Mountain Star | Wildridge | Arrowhead | Singletree | Homestead | Edwards | Eagle