Fall Fertilizer & Fall Clean Up!

Now is the time to properly prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter months. Using a fall fertilizer is very helpful for the health of your lawn during the dormant months ahead. It allows nutrients to penetrate the ground and feed your lawn even when it is cold and snowy. When the spring arrives, your lawn will be better prepared to thrive.

Black Diamond would be happy to fertilize your lawn, please call us for a quote. If you are a regular lawn care client with a summer services contract we applied this last week.

Winterizing Garden Beds & Fall Clean Up

Did you know that the leaves and pine cones that cover your lawn and gardens during the Fall can be detrimental to their health and well-being? Leaves and debris can suffocate your lawn and garden beds, making it difficult for nutrients and water to penetrate to the roots in the early spring. A small amount can actually benefit these areas as organic materials like leaves do carry nutrients however too much is detrimental. It is a fine balance 😊Properly removing the leaves and debris is VERY IMPORTANT to the health and success of a beautiful lawn and garden come spring. Black Diamond will have Fall Clean Up crews in your neighborhood over the next few weeks, and we would be happy to provide a quote to clean yours. Call today to schedule your clean up.

Winterizing garden beds includes cutting down perennial flowers once they expire from their summer flourish. They must be 100% dormant before cut back to ensure the nutrients stay in the root bulbs rather than reaching for the top of the plants. Different perennials need different care in cutting back and our team knows how to do this. The Colorado Master Gardener Program that Mariella went through last Spring and graduated from CSU from spent a lot of time educating on this topic as improper winterization of perennials can actually have the opposite affect and stress or kill them. In the high country there is always and certain level of mortality with any annual or perennial planting. Our High Rockies altitude, temperatures and environmental changes make it really hard on our gardens. Having a knowledgeable gardener that knows what they are doing is priceless but no one can guarantee no mortality in garden beds in the Vail Valley. Let us help you with winterizing your garden beds correctly this Fall!

There is a limited time available for this service, call today at 970.471.1831