Spring is coming!

Mariella‘s passion is flowers and her planter boxes, hanging baskets, and annual flower pots including succulents, herbs, and vegetables are the best in the Vail Valley! She grows them from seeds in her greenhouse at her farm. Many of you have seen her incredible creations over the years.

Time is of the essence because she has already started planting and will continue only through the middle of March.

As you have heard in the news more and more flower growers are going out of business or changing products to marijuana. It’s becoming harder and harder to find really good annual flowers. The demand has stayed the same or increased but the supply has diminished incredibly over the last three years. Don’t delay and order today! Email mariella@black-diamondpm.com and ask for our most recent rate sheet. She will put together a custom quote for you based upon full-sun, part-sun, part-shade, and the way the sun moves over the location of your arrangements. Remember her flowers grow from up here in the high country so they are heartier than store-bought front-range flowers! Irrigation maintenance and fertilization are separate.

Irrigation Blow-Outs/Fixes

Winterizing your irrigation system is very important to avoid cracked and broken pipes over the winter. If you have exposed pipes and are worried about the dropping temperatures covering the pipes at the location into the home can help. If your pipes and irrigation system are located indoors then there is less risk in the early season low temperatures we are experiencing. Black Diamond’s irrigation team is blowing out the sprinkler systems systematically starting from East Vail and moving West. If you have a summer services contract with us, we have you scheduled!

With the addition of Dave coming on board with his irrigation knowledge, next Spring Black Diamond will be doing monthly irrigation checks on your sprinkler systems. Roots can pinch pipes as they grow, vermin and other small mammals can cause havoc on your irrigation system as well as sediment in our water system can cause blockages or pressure changes. Delivery trucks and other vehicles can drive over sprinkler heads, children and domestic animals can kick, dig up and break irrigation parts and in general irrigation is one of the most difficult aspects of our gardening and landscaping environment. Many times we need to do exploratory digging in order to figure out what is going on before we can repair something.

Irrigation is something that many homeowners feel they understand and can manage on their own, but the reality is that there are intricacies beyond seasonal adjusts and timers. Simply running a zone to see if there is a problem is just the simplest part of “irritation” issues. Our team knows when you are allowed to water and for how long and how much based upon the flow and pressure of your system. We also have an “irrigation bible” that is electronic that has where each client’s clock is located and intricacies that are specific to your home. Let us know if you want a full irrigation audit done next Spring!

Fall Fertilizer & Fall Clean Up!

Now is the time to properly prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter months. Using a fall fertilizer is very helpful for the health of your lawn during the dormant months ahead. It allows nutrients to penetrate the ground and feed your lawn even when it is cold and snowy. When the spring arrives, your lawn will be better prepared to thrive.

Black Diamond would be happy to fertilize your lawn, please call us for a quote. If you are a regular lawn care client with a summer services contract we applied this last week.

Winterizing Garden Beds & Fall Clean Up

Did you know that the leaves and pine cones that cover your lawn and gardens during the Fall can be detrimental to their health and well-being? Leaves and debris can suffocate your lawn and garden beds, making it difficult for nutrients and water to penetrate to the roots in the early spring. A small amount can actually benefit these areas as organic materials like leaves do carry nutrients however too much is detrimental. It is a fine balance 😊Properly removing the leaves and debris is VERY IMPORTANT to the health and success of a beautiful lawn and garden come spring. Black Diamond will have Fall Clean Up crews in your neighborhood over the next few weeks, and we would be happy to provide a quote to clean yours. Call today to schedule your clean up.

Winterizing garden beds includes cutting down perennial flowers once they expire from their summer flourish. They must be 100% dormant before cut back to ensure the nutrients stay in the root bulbs rather than reaching for the top of the plants. Different perennials need different care in cutting back and our team knows how to do this. The Colorado Master Gardener Program that Mariella went through last Spring and graduated from CSU from spent a lot of time educating on this topic as improper winterization of perennials can actually have the opposite affect and stress or kill them. In the high country there is always and certain level of mortality with any annual or perennial planting. Our High Rockies altitude, temperatures and environmental changes make it really hard on our gardens. Having a knowledgeable gardener that knows what they are doing is priceless but no one can guarantee no mortality in garden beds in the Vail Valley. Let us help you with winterizing your garden beds correctly this Fall!

There is a limited time available for this service, call today at 970.471.1831

Staffing at Black Diamond Property Management

The labor shortage in the news has NOT affected us! We have turned the corner as of this Fall.

As many employers (including us) had turned to the youth in our valley these past summers we feel that we have done our part with training. Our youth did not have the industry knowledge, nor the work ethic that Black Diamond exudes. However, we have found our keepers and our goal is to continue with on-the-job training with our additions of Ana and Dave being their mentors next year.

Mariella, Todd, and the management team were stretched thin at times having to wear too many hats and being pulled in multiple directions between sales, communication, mentoring, training, administration, estimating, maintenance, human resources, accounting, and being in the field leading the work teams. Acknowledging this challenge we have addressed it. By investing in our infrastructure with Jobber and QuickBooks online, employee housing units increased benefits, and attracting new hires coming WITH industry experience we are poised and excited for 2022!

Black Diamond offers employee housing, Individual Health Care Reimbursement, phone stipends, retirement accounts with an employer match, competitive wages, time off benefits which include community service and paid volunteer hours, sick, vacation, personal and paid jury duty, etc., use of company vehicles and a great team environment!

We are an “Employer Of Choice” in our valley. Our employees are loyal to us and work full-time year-round.

Cinder Service

Let’s talk about something a little bit more relevant to the current season! Many people have been asking; “Why is there so much ice build-up this year?” The reason for the excess build-up of ice is due to the consistently cold temperatures. Without a warm day to melt some of the snow, we do not have an opportunity to clean up the slush that typically forms in the driveways and parking lots. Things can get very slick with these weather conditions but we have a solution! Black Diamond has a commercial cindering machine that we use for these conditions. Cinders provide additional traction on icy and slick surfaces! Cinders are volcanic rock and they are environmentally friendly. They break down over time and they do not adversely affect the landscape or property. They are much safer and healthier for the environment than snowmelt.

Yeti is a part of our Black Diamond Fleet!

Friendly Reminder if you are using snowmelt: Remember when spreading salt and snowmelt on your sidewalks and steps, be careful not to spread the product to the edge of the pavement or flagstone. Salt and snowmelt bleeds into the soil and that affects the soil in a negative way and could have an adverse effect on the health and growth of your landscaping.

Happy Spring 2020!

Happy Spring from all of us a Black Diamond Property Management, Landscaping and Snow Removal. We are very excited for the warm weather and the early signs of Spring! We look forward to seeing everyone while we are out performing our summer services, and if you are still in need of lawn care, gardening, irrigation or any other summer services, please do not hesitate to call or email us to request a quote at mariella@black-diamondpm.com or 970-471-1831. You can also visit our website at www.black-diamondpm.com for more information.

Let Us Help!

Black Diamond is very sensitive to the current situation with Covid19, and the elevated attention to cleanliness and disinfecting to eliminate the spread of the virus. It is a matter that we are taking very seriously, and we are here to help! We are offering our housekeeping, carpet cleaning and window cleaning services for all of our clients here in the valley. If you have not visited your home since the restrictions were implemented in early March, we would be happy to send our crews over to clean before your next visit. Our cleaning crews are very conscientious and detailed, while putting your health and well-being as the priority. Gloves and masks are worn by all of our staff, and the garbage will be removed from the property as soon as the cleaning is completed. Please contact us directly to schedule any or all of your cleaning needs.

Proper Lawn Care Really Matters!

The sun is shining and the grass is growing! Spring is upon us and it is a wonderful time to assess the health and well being of your lawn and gardens. Did you know that pine cones and pine needles can be toxic to your lawn? Did you know that the leaves that have been covering your lawn all winter, can suffocate your lawn and stop any new growth? It is true! It is time to clean up your lawn and garden beds to ensure that the proper amount of sun, water and oxygen can penetrate the soil for proper growth. There is still time to get on our schedule. Call Mariella at 970-471-1831 for a quote!

Did you know that a majority of flower growers have decided to grow hemp instead? Have you noticed it is harder and harder to find annual flowers at your local nursery? Well, Black Diamond has been very aware of this change for several years, and we decided to take action. We have our own greenhouse that we are using to grow our own flowers. This new addition will allow Black Diamond to produce and provide flowers to all of our local customers. The flowers will also be accustomed to the higher altitude and they will be considered heartier and stronger because of where they are grown. This is our first season of flowers and we are really excited to see how they bloom!

If you would like some custom pots, planters, gardens or hanging pots, please call Mariella at 970-471-1831 for a quote today!

We Know People!

Black Diamond is in the business of taking care of you and your property! We have a full-time crew of handyman professionals on our team, but sometimes we need some outside assistance. We have professionals that we work with everyday to get things done. We work with some very reputable and reliable vendors throughout the valley that help us, to help you.