Irrigation Blow-Outs/Fixes

Winterizing your irrigation system is very important to avoid cracked and broken pipes over the winter. If you have exposed pipes and are worried about the dropping temperatures covering the pipes at the location into the home can help. If your pipes and irrigation system are located indoors then there is less risk in the early season low temperatures we are experiencing. Black Diamond’s irrigation team is blowing out the sprinkler systems systematically starting from East Vail and moving West. If you have a summer services contract with us, we have you scheduled!

With the addition of Dave coming on board with his irrigation knowledge, next Spring Black Diamond will be doing monthly irrigation checks on your sprinkler systems. Roots can pinch pipes as they grow, vermin and other small mammals can cause havoc on your irrigation system as well as sediment in our water system can cause blockages or pressure changes. Delivery trucks and other vehicles can drive over sprinkler heads, children and domestic animals can kick, dig up and break irrigation parts and in general irrigation is one of the most difficult aspects of our gardening and landscaping environment. Many times we need to do exploratory digging in order to figure out what is going on before we can repair something.

Irrigation is something that many homeowners feel they understand and can manage on their own, but the reality is that there are intricacies beyond seasonal adjusts and timers. Simply running a zone to see if there is a problem is just the simplest part of “irritation” issues. Our team knows when you are allowed to water and for how long and how much based upon the flow and pressure of your system. We also have an “irrigation bible” that is electronic that has where each client’s clock is located and intricacies that are specific to your home. Let us know if you want a full irrigation audit done next Spring!